Spencer and Laura

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“J.Dilla for the processional, Digital Underground for the recessional.  What do you think?”

When a client asks a question like that, you know that it’s going to be a fun wedding gig, and this was one of my favorites so far!

Spencer and Laura produce music together and they are a couple who are most definitely on the same page as far as musical tastes are concerned. Since I used to DJ for Spencer’s hip hop group back in the day I knew his favorite jams already so I filled my late night record crates with plenty of West Coast hip hop and the classic funk and soul that it was sampled from. Also ’nuff dancehall, jamaican funk, motown classics90’s hip hop and r&b, some smokin oldies, and of course some Dilla!


The Vision and The Day:

The timeline for this wedding day was unique and it worked out great. We got an early start at Spencer’s parents’ beautiful home with a 10AM ceremony followed by brunch. The brunch was the main sit-down meal of the day and it was a pleasure to move through the speeches and toasts in the fresh faced optimism of a beautiful Northern California morning!

After brunch was a break until the reception started at 7PM at The Miners Foundry in Grass Valley. The downtime was an unusual idea and it really worked, giving guests a chance to explore the town or just regroup and relax before the evening’s festivities.


The reception was comfortably unstructured, with the couple’s entrance and first dance being the only “official” activities. Like the entire day things were set up beautifully with every detail attended to and then left for the guests to enjoy at a relaxed pace as the day fell naturally into place. The guests settled into the evening, enjoying local brews and never ending finger-foods while some of the oldest and youngest warmed up the dance floor.



I already outlined what was in my record crates for the night so all that I have to say about the rest of the night is that the dancefloor was popping!  We got the party started with classic jams and lesser known gems and heads were most definitely feeling the groove. Next was a dope guest DJ set by Spencer’s main man DJ Fossil and a late evening break for the couple’s First Dance. Their choice of Aaliyah – One In A Million as their song set up the vibe for the rest of the evening and I was glad to dig deep in the crates for a stack of choice 90’s R&B, hip hop and funk.

The next day was spent with friends and family at the river relaxing, recovering and reminiscing about a day that could not have gone any better.  Congratulations Spencer and Laura and thank you for the wonderful gig!

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